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There are many intricate aspects to options valuation and trading. Strategies like long or short “strangles” and “straddles” can compliment your trading program. There are “butterfly spreads” and “condors.” For more comprehensive knowledge about options, it is wise to research and read more on the subject.

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Before Iraq invaded Kuwait in August of 1990, we gave “buys” in crude oil, heating oil, and gasoline. By year-end, we had a net closed out energy profits of $100,409.00 after deducting commissions and losses!

On October 9, 1987, we signaled “Sell Short” in S & P 500s and other stock index futures. Then… the “Crash of ’87” drove open our profits from $18,236.05 to $225,325.35 in less than two weeks for a 1,235% increase!

During the inflationary years of 1979/80, we tracked the most diversified precious metals portfolio including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. A single silver position grew to more than $90,000.00 before being closed out.

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Diversification and Portfolio Design

The concept of diversification is not new to portfolio design. In stocks, bonds, and even real estate there is a general rule that diversification helps reduce risk and increase profit potential.

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